Rayuan untuk Syria

Rayuan untuk Syria

Rabu, Disember 14, 2005


“Learning of the wise,
Justice of the noble,
Prayer of the pious,
And valor of the brave.”

The unique phrase above has been the motto of the first International Islamic University, Europe at Cordova, Spain in the area of 168-170 A.D. It shows how great the Islamic Civilization when the Western World was in the Dark Ages at that time. For many years, Muslims were very proud of the Andalusia Empire.

Knowledge is the most important factor for the development of the modern Europe and the greatness of the Andalusia was based on that. One Daniel Dorley had under estimated the western universities and had migrated to Andalusia for the purpose of seeking the knowledge. He realized that the people there are more knowledgeable and more wisdom.

In addition, a lot of “academician” especially Christian people have moved to Andalusia for the same mission. For example, Pope Rom; the Catholic Christian Priest went to Seville, Spain and learning the Islamic knowledge from the Muslims there. He then becomes an expert of Arabic literate, Mathematic and Astronomy. It clearly shows that Andalusia is the great school of knowledge all over the world.

Even Edward G. Browne had frustrated with the destruction of the Andalusia but he is too impressed on some Muslim Medical Experts such as Abu’l-Qasim az-Zahrawi or known as Albucasis among the Europe people as well as Ibnul-Wafid (Aben Guefit). He really appreciate them and had severally mentioned their names in his book; Islamic Medicine. Thus, Andalusia is not only considered as the Fardu ‘Ain learning centre but also Fardu Kifayyah as required by Islam, the way of life.

Nowadays, the brilliant Andalusia Empire is already gone. It remains as our sad memory. The deviation of the Muslim ummah, bloodshed, chaos and notorious Muslim ethnic cleansing constitute for the downfall of the great Islamic Empire. No more the light of Islam. The Islamic civilizations, its culture, its people, all together have been hijacked by the Christian people. The Muslims did not enjoyed themselves as a Muslim anymore. They also disallowed to use the Arabic names even dressing as an Arabs. Furthermore, those who trying to oppose it, they will be beat and killed cruelly. It too bad, when Muslim is deemed to be a prisoner on his own country.

The young generation should learn from this sad incident. It is something to be checked and balanced. One of the urgent and important lesson is the disunity of the Muslim ummah will collapse the golden Islamic Empire. At the moment when Kardinal Debidar put the Cross on the root of the Palace of King Nasir, all Christian Spaniard clap their hands excitingly. That is the clear sign where the light of Islam is already extinct in Spain.

In Europe, a state is not allowed to organize such a big event at the same year. It is because no other countries are willingly to see over exposure of one country in a year. But in 1992, both Olympic Games at Barcelona and Science Expo in Seville have successfully been organized. Amazingly, the Europeans and Americans gave their collective support and they are cooperated towards realizing their goal.

When Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, the President of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) went to Spain in 1992, he noticed that the said events were held as celebrating 500 years of the Andalusia’s fall on the Christian’s hand. Islam is already deprived when Columbus went to America. In 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella had officially announced the collapse of Granada, the last Islamic country in Europe during the Seville Science Expo. See, how hard the Muslim’s enemies work for the negative propaganda against Islam, the peaceful religion!

What ever the final outcome of this agenda will be, we should emphasize that the unity is the cornerstone for the establishment of the great Muslim ummah. The new generation is expected to bear the responsibilities in up holding a strong and united Muslim society. We had experienced how difficult to unite the “old generation”. Thus, the first step in solving the so-called problem of the unifying the Muslim community is by creating an atmosphere in which young generation can build up the collective and concrete defense as not to be attacked by America and Zionist, our Evil enemies,. Furthermore, Allah s.w.t had mentioned in the Holy Quran “And holds fast, all of you together to the Rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves…” Al-Imran: 103.

We really hope that Malaysia which is considered as the second Andalusia by one of the Egyptian scholar, Almarhum Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali, will not repeat the same mistake as what has been committed in Spain .The young generation should be sensitive on what had happen previously. Dr Majid al-Hilali inspired that “…we should study from the history and try to learn from Al-Quran in order to understand the wisdom behind the occurrence of this big tragedy.

- Jufitri Joha -

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