Rayuan untuk Syria

Rayuan untuk Syria

Isnin, April 13, 2015

An Excerpt from Jordan Presentation

Innovation in Youth Association and Youth Work.

The emergence of the millennial generation, who was born between 1978 and 2000, make youth work become more relevant and challenging. The millennial becoming the biggest and significant age cohort nowadays in the history of the world. According to Greenberg and Weber (2008) these young people are smart, well educated, open minded and independent and could be labelled also as startup generation. It is not an easy task to deal with them and need sort of ‘radical innovation change’ in youth worker style and approach to ensure the success in develop and unleash their potential. In short the element of innovation should be adopted by the youth worker. This generation practices what we call it as a personal democracy. The rise of individual power becoming one of the 4 global trends as mentioned by the Special Advisor for United Nations Secretary General on Youth Matters during the last December Conference in Azerbaijan.

Innovation according to business dictionary is defines as translating a good ideas into a product or service that have value for which customers will pay. Innovation synonymous with business however it could be adapted into youth work as generating new ideas to be translated as a good product and service that will attract our young people to join. Innovation for the purpose of youth association and youth work means develops the capacity of youth and youth workers for original ideas and action and foster creative achievement that adds value to the quality of work and product (National Youth Agency). Youth associations are in dire need of the power of innovation to avoid them become obsolete in the eye of the millennial since them reluctant to join any youth associations. People and their organizations are largely to preserve and protect the status-quo and refuse to venture into new and fresh ideas (Zeldin, Camino & Mook). Professor Azimi, Turiman and Ezhar (2002) once said that among the factor of youth associations become so weak and dull due to the failure of generating more quality and interesting activities.

Nowadays people talking about social innovation which gaining momentum everywhere that challenges conventional wisdoms about how and why we do things. According to The Centre for Social Innovation Toronto, social innovation refers:

“..new ideas that resolve existing social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges for the benefit of people and planet. A true social innovation is system-changing – it permanently alters the perceptions, behaviours and structures that previously gave rise to these challenges” (Garabaghi, 2013).

Social innovation from my perspective, means using creative and innovative ways other than traditional ways to solve social problems including youth issues and problems. An example of social innovation ecosystem which youth association can apply is start-up. Startup is a concept of small business that can solve the social problem among youth while at the same time could generate income for them. This is also a model for innovation used by Israeli government which make its economy booming and miracle (Senor & Singer, 2011). In Malaysia, the Government established Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) to catalyse the entrepreneurial ecosystem by developing high growth startups that will make a positive impact regionally and globally. MaGIC and startup are kinds of social innovation should be imitated by the youth associations to solve unemployment issue among youth together with other social issues related to youth. This is something that youth leader and youth worker should think of if they wish to remain relevant and survive in the era of the millennial. Youth want their issues to be addressed and solved in a creative and innovative ways. Many youth issues could be solved if innovation is the main ingredient.

The adoption of innovation is crucial in youth associations and youth work. Zeldon, Camino and Mook (2005) did discuss the challenge of adopting innovation in organization specifically in introducing an innovative model likes Youth-adult Partnership (Y-APSs) which promotes Positive Youth Development (PYD). At initial stage, it requires understanding and political will from the leaders in youth association and youth work in order to gain clarity and consensuses to start implement it.

National Youth Agency (NYA) UK had produced a good research on Innovation in Youth Work. NYA defined precisely the meaning of innovation in the light of youth work, described a typology of innovation, gave examples of innovation, identified drivers of innovation, exemplified applications of innovation, enlisted factors influencing innovation, managing innovation and its consequences and proposed strategy and role of NYA. In conclusion innovation in youth work is to add value and enhance professionalism.

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