Rayuan untuk Syria

Rayuan untuk Syria

Ahad, Disember 13, 2015

International Anti Corruption Conference 2015

Source of Information : https://16iacc.sched.org/event/3YU0/the-future-of-the-fight-driving-youth-action-and-social-movements-to-beat-corruption

Short Session Report: Game Changers
Session Title: The Future of the Fight: Driving Youth Action and Social Movements to Beat
Date & Time: 3 September 4.00 PM

Report prepared by: Narayan Adhikar, Accountability Lab
Name, Position, Organisation: Ms. Nurul Izzah Anwar, MP of Lembah Pantai/Vice President,
the People’s Justice Party
Name, Position, Organisation: Ms. Soumaya Belaid, Program Manager, I WATCH
Name, Position, Organisation: Jufitri Joha, Vice-President, Malaysian Islamic Youth
Name, Position, Organisation: Mr. Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, Part Time Lecture,
International Islamic University, Malaysia

Moderated by: Sanyi Emmanuel Sanyi, Founder and National President, Local Youth Corner
Session coordinated by: Tze Chin, Project Manager Transparency International Malaysia

Main issues raised in kick off remarks. What’s the focus of the session?

Over the last sessions we have been listening from grown up on what has happened, and
how that happened, but here, in this session, we are in the position to say what and how we
will and we must act against corruption. Like Arab spring, occupying movement, umbrella
movement where young people have played vital role, we want to continue that legacy as a
young people.

16 IACC, has given us this chance to speak up and they are listening young people stories
and their wonderful action around the globe. The panel agrees on the common notions of
solidarity among diverse youth and when we come together, we can end the impunity.
Young people stand as strong pillar and end impunity.

The panel and moderator appreciated TI for having this session and giving opportunity to
2 Young people to speak up as they believe on the role and power of young people in the fight
against corruption. This should be continuing in future.

Everyone is victim of corruption. 9 people out of 10 either have been victim of corruption or
know who have been victimized. So the intensity of corruption is very high. No nations in the
world (Including Malaysia) prioritise corruption is urgent issue. They always give priority to
other issues but corruption is the main cause to everything else problem. Here, young
people has to realized the damage of corruption and act urgently.

Often people do not feel corruption as it not visible. It’s hard to realize until and unless you
are directly victimised. Corruption does kill people. The bad decision of government always
impact public and that kills many people. Youth needs to realize this intensity of damage.
Not all young people have equal opportunity and they are also dominating to each other.
One community always rules over others. I believe, Malaysia youth can be movers and
shakers of the society. We have the unique opportunity to shape the mala society. Let’s not
lose it. To combats corruption you don’t need experience, but you can change the political
landscape. We see great hope among youths and that’s why the fighting makes easy.
We are privilege youth, and there are many youth like me, we can help others, one person
can make others life easy. When we talk about social movement, corruption always
becomes a buzz word. It’s become something that people talk about.

To fight corruption, there must be political will, Independent of institutions and freedom of
expression – when young people have chance to express what they think is the best
solutions, they becomes a problems solvers. Young people need to be very creative and go
beyond from traditional ways of public display/advocacy and rally, hold events and seminars
but to move forward we have to be clear on above 3 prerequisite

Large no of young population dominate the world democracy. Strengthening their identity
and citizenship of youths and educate the value of integrity and accountability through
information education via music, arts, cultures, sports or ICT and Instil the value of integrity
and accountability. Faith is the answer. Educate the culture of simple living and participate in
politics and open dialogue. Youth should connect the disconnect generation physically as
well as virtually, embrace the inclusive culture diversity, appeal youth organizations to act
together, We belief in informal education.

Fight corruption because you can do that. Some think that fighting corruption is only the job
of grown no isn’t. We do not need to be baby sited; we are already capable and powerful.
Stay hungry and being foolish. Learn from your won mistake. If you believe you can fight
corruption you can do it, let’s aim for the impossible.

What initiatives have been showcased? Briefly describe the Game Changing strategies/ ideas
(if applicable)

- Privilege youth can make others life better as they have access to technology
- Youth should act as connectors and learn informally to behave integrity and help
others to educate the same value.
- In future IACC should bring more young people and not only youth but also young
women. All donors should listen this.

Briefly describe the highlights including the thematically interesting questions and ideas that
were generated from the discussion or from the floor, and session quotes.

You do not need to be expert to fight corruption. There is no such day which you can sit idle.
Fighting corruption is a constant battle. Everyone in this room can fight corruption. You do
not need to be lawyer or advocate or experts to do so. “This is the best session”
What are the key recommendations, follow-up Actions (200 words narrative form)
Youth should be able to analyse the current situation and reports and provide strong
recommend to the government for new reforms. Do not bit around the bush and provide
solutions of the problems. Youth should believe on their strength and also realize the
weakness and learn from mistake and create new solutions of the current problems. Women
fights corruption everyday so engage young women in the discourse of anti-corruption
Youth organization have to have long term planning and commitment in order to fight
against corruption and require collective actions to break the barrier of complex structure.
Key Insights that could be included in the IACC Declaration

Recognized young people as driving force to make society free of corruption with their
creative and innovative skills on anti-corruption.

Narayan Adhikari,
3rd September, 2015

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