Rayuan untuk Syria

Rayuan untuk Syria

Isnin, Ogos 01, 2011

Letter of Condolence to Norway

30 July 2011 / 28 Syaaban 1432 H

H.E. Arild Braastad
Ambassador of Norway
Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

His Excellency,

I am writing on behalf of Mr. Amidi Abdul Manan and the Central Committee Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) would like to express our deep condolence to the Government of Norway following the tragedy in Utoeya Island and Oslo recently.

2.         We hope that we are not too late to express our profound sympathy to the Norwegian citizens. We were just finishing our Annual General Meeting last week when this heartbroken news broke-out around the globe.

3.         We are deeply sorry to the great loss involving cohort of young Norwegian citizens who were undoubtedly an asset and future leaders for the nation. We strongly condemn such brutal acts and please acknowledge that our thoughts and prayers are with the family members concerned and the Norwegian people at large.

4.         In dealing with this sensitive issue, we firmly believe that the Norwegian Government has taken immediate and necessary steps in solving this tragedy. We firmly believe that the most effective way to amicably solve any sensitive issue including multicultural society issues is through constructive dialogue and mutual engagement. It is through early education for young people to understand the spirit of multicultural society and interfaith friendship.

5.         Finally, we would like to extend our warm friendship and looking forward for any collaboration and smart partnership, especially in area of youth development and contemporary issues. 

Thank you,

Vice President International

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