Rayuan untuk Syria

Rayuan untuk Syria

Sabtu, Ogos 03, 2013


31 JULAI 2013/22 RAMADAN 1434H

Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) condemns the atrocities committed by the military of Egypt on peaceful demonstrators that has killed 200 participants and another 4,500 wounded at dawn, July 27, 2013. This alarming situation is feared to be extended because the warning given by the military to peaceful demonstrators, either return home, or face violence by the military. Egypt is going through a violation of democratic principles and the alarming situation is also feared to be shut down and the spirit of the original claims of the revolution last January 25, 2011.

Looking at the current situation, Dr. Morsi’s supporter will not budge from Rabaah field , unless the Army restore Dr. Morsi into its original position. “Rally of Million Martyrs" was held yesterday (30 July), a mass rally to condemn military brutality and restoration of Dr. Morsi. They will also hold marches and peaceful rally to all Police Headquarters provinces after “terawih” prayers to protest the police action of firing indiscriminately on the people who come out peacefully.

In this situation, the international community must continue to be educated with the current situation in Egypt, that the coup never promised a good hope for the future of national politics. Pressure should continue, through peaceful demonstrations, sending an official memorandum to protest against what is happening , and do the firmness of diplomatic aspect by not recognizing the Egyptian government formed now (usurper government led General Assisi). The United States and the European Union (EU) must use their only effective bargaining chip for leverage: the cut-off of military aid and withhold official recognition of the government until the release of Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders and their inclusion in constitutional discussions and in elections as soon as possible. Calls for trials of Brotherhood leaders and suppression of the Brotherhood and FJP destroy any possibility of political consensus and the democratic process in Egypt. The EU has taken a step forward by sending their representatives, EU Political Affairs Supreme, Cathrine Ashton and met with President Mursi to look closer political turmoil in Egypt. Should the United Nations (UN) and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) also did the same, in a timely manner by sending their rapporteurs or observers to monitor the current situation.

The Army must release the legitimate president of Egypt, Dr. Morsi and the senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood as soon as possible, and stop the killings and arresting of Brotherhood politicians immediately, to calm the situations at Rabaah Square. Army should respond to this call for proven repertoire held peacefully, and it is also a promise from the demonstrators. After his release, Dr. Morsi must fully surrender his power to an interim government based on the new Egyptian constitution amendment of 2012. Interim government to discuss matters of Parliamentary Elections, and after the elections, the new government will hold presidential elections on the basis of the constitution. ABIM likes to emphasize that this election should not be handled by the military, which took power.

Dr. Toriq Bishri, constitutional experts said, at this current moment, there is no other solution except to restore the new Egyptian constitution amendment of 2012 , which was repealed by the military on the 3rd of July. Another Muslim Scholar, Dr. Mohammed Imarah, said, great misfortune for the Egyptian, as they were busy in the political field, in contrast to the other developed countries. "You know, why Egypt is backward, because the military likes to interfere with political clashes." Egyptian people of various political and ideological streams should cooperate and integrate for the sake of Egypt's future. Unity is the only guarantee for a fast and smooth transition to democracy. It is necessary Egypt does not become any more complicated. All Egyptian politicians should reach a national agreement and to return to democracy, which Egyptians sought when they took to the streets in January 25, 2011.
ABIM thus firmly insist the military to release Dr. Morsi and reinstate him immediately to enable him to hold elections immediately and not under the purview of the military


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