Rayuan untuk Syria

Rayuan untuk Syria

Khamis, Disember 04, 2014

My points of talking at the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

I’m honored to share a same platform with those figures of international affairs like Tan Sri Jawhar Hasan and His Excellency Dr. Anwar Hamdto Q. Al-Agha, Palestinian Ambassador to express our solidarity with the people of Palestine. Unfortunately Dr. Maszlee Malik, my guru unable to enrich the discussion due to his unhealthy condition.

This is my first appearance speaking in front of foreign diplomats and high rank Wisma Putra officers specifically from Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs (IDFR). I’m quiet nervous because it is not easy to trace and address the soft point of those diplomats but I instead choose to address directly to young people’s interest in this issue. I suppose to be the moderator of the session but IDFR insisted me to become a panellist talking from civil society and youth activist’s point of view.

Ambassador Anwar touches more on the historical part and current development on the peace process. So I think I should complement him in sharing what Malaysian civil society did in reducing the pain and suffer of Palestinian.

I begin by mentioning the Nakba Day or Calamity Day for Palestinian whereby the Zionist proclaims the establishment of so-called Israeli state on 15 of May 1948. From that day Palestinian officially endured thousands of pain as a result from atrocity and aggression imposed by illegal Zionist Government.
As a man of dignity as enshrined in Chapter 17 al-Israa (Verily We have honoured the children of Adam) we cannot simply do nothing when somebody rights and dignity has been denied. We have the duty and responsibility to something and many things to resolve the issue. We can choose either to be the bystander or the driver of change. If we choose to be the driver we will face the hardship however the reward at the end is quiet big. So it is up to us to choose, making an impact or nothing to offer.

United Nations as according to Price (2013) in his article entitled Assessing the United Nations had failed to uphold their main objective to save succeeding generations from scourge of war. 22 million people have die in more than 300 wars and I believe Palestinian casualties were all inclusive in the statistic. UN as endorsed by Tan Sri Jawhar in his opening remarks unable to resolve and restore justice.

In this regard the global civil society should be the alternative superpower. Jody William, the Nobel Peace Laurette receiver believes that “Together we (the so-called ordinary citizens of the world) are superpower”. It means that if the civil society with limitation strength united and fights boldly for the Palestinian cause, they will be able to frighten Zionist to bully the Palestinian haphazardly. Taking for example the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ), Mavi Marmara Expedition to Gaza and Boycott, Divest & Sanction (BDS) Movement as civil society initiatives successfully manage to teach lesson to Zionist and even break the siege.

Our humble experience for example in Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM), we are very committed with Palestinian struggle since its inception in 1971. We hosted in collaboration with Malaysia Sociological Research Institute (MSRI) several persona grata like Israel Shamer and Adam Shapiro (International Solidarity Movement) who were Jewish people against Zionism to share an important message to Malaysia especially Non-Muslim that all global citizen including the Jewish and non-Muslim are against Zionism. The world could no longer accept the brutality sponsored by the regime. We organized with Friendship Group for Interfaith Service (FGIS) comprising of World Churches, Buddhist Mahavihara, Hindu Sanggam, Satya Sai Council and Sikh Group an unequivocal solidarity gathering for Gaza. Thanks to Palestinian for being our multiracial unifying factor! Besides that we conducted several training, campaign and exchanging information with Palestinian Cultural Organization of Malaysia (PCOM) and Palestinian Embassy here in Kuala Lumpur.

For the short term solution, we are very glad that there are so many Malaysian Ngos nowadays likes Aman Palestin, Muslim Care, Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia and Aqsa Syarif sending humanitarian mission into Palestine territory. Under Ministry of Youth and Sport we have Malaysia Youth Volunteer Leader (MyCoprs) to serve the Global citizens including one project with Palestinian refugee’s camp in Lebanon.

For the long term solution, we should equip our young people with advocacy training on how to deal with this issue effectively and strategically at the international platform.

Finally I would like to share some of the good news that will motivate our fellow in Palestine to keep up their struggle without any frustration. Among them is the establishment of Unity Government between Hamas and Fatah. Even though is it difficult but at least it is a good start for Palestine. Secondly, Henry Kissinger and a group of intelligence concluded in one of their report, based on the current situation within 10 years there will be no more Israel and finally continuous support from the global citizens including as mentioned by His Excellency Ambassador of Palestine for example Spanish, French and British Parliament and surprisingly the Latin American governments.

Let do something. Let not a future historian writes of us. They were an uninspired, conviction less generation, their only monument are the used dance-coupons, the cigarette stubs and the weekenders.
With that, I conclude my speech.

Vice President of ABIM

4 December 2014 / 11 Safar 1436 H
11 am - 12.30 pm
@ Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs (IDFR)
International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
Panel Discussion: "Palestine: United for Peace and Statehood"

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